Jesus Jam Texas Lineup!

Praise Cafe' - (Max & Scott) Karaoke/Open Mic

Mary McLin - Singing

Jim & Teresa Steiger - Singing & Testimony

James Gillelan - Speaking & Testimony

Just US Gospel Quartet - Singing

Amanda Brown - Testimony

Conrad & Susan Carriker - Speaking & Singing

Adrian Ibarra - Testimony

Short Grass Prairie - Playing & Singing

Jamie Switras - Testimony

Taundra - Speaking & Singing

Mitch & Amanda - Holy Desperation Ministries - Worship & Speaking

The Point Christian Fellowship Worship Team - Worship & Testimonies

4EVA Redeemed Ministries/KGM - Rap, Speaking & Singing


  1. That's a full program! What time do you start, and when do you end? What about food? ☺ I hope you have corporate prayer for our nation and for Fort Hood. Wish I lived closer so I could come, but I will be upholding you in prayer! God bless all of you jamming for Jesus! He is worthy!

    1. 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. We currently have hot dogs and koolaid donations. We are looking for additional donations of food/drink. We will have prayer and ministry time throughout the event (particularly during the worship segments).